Trader-Net Terms and conditions


A charge of £25 + VAT applies to each vehicle purchased under £2,000.

A charge of £45 + VAT applies to each vehicle purchased over £2,000.

This does not in anyway impact on the terms and condition outlined below

About Trader-Net

  1. These terms and conditions set out the legal agreement (“Agreement”) between TraderNet Limited 3 Hardman Square Spinning Fields Manchester, M3 3EB.
    TraderNet is a UK Registered Limited company, number: 7253589, VAT Registration no: 991606005  (“TraderNet”, “we” or “our ”) ) and you that governs your access to the  subscription only online auction service (“Service”) at the website (“Website”).  TraderNet operates solely as an auctioneer by granting prospective buyers and sellers of vehicles offered for sale on the Website access to the Service at the Website.  You are not permitted to use the Service unless you have successfully subscribed to be a member of the Website (“Member”). 
  2. The Service is available to Members to purchase vehicles in the course of trade. Use of the Service to purchase any vehicle as a consumer is strictly prohibited.
  3. The Website is owned by TraderNet.  By accessing the Website and/or using the Service or any aspect of the Service, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.  You also agree to comply with our Code of Conduct appearing on the Website.


The Website allows Members to bid for a vehicle (“Vehicle”) appearing on the Website that are offered for sale by a seller (“Seller”).

  1. TraderNet is a provider of the Service and is not a party to any contract concluded pursuant to the Service and/or Website and is not responsible to any Member, Seller or purchaser in any way for any issue arising out of such contract including without limitation any failure of either party to perform in accordance with the contract or any dispute arising out of the contract and/or relation to whether a contract has been validly entered into or concluded.
  2. In order to register to become a Member you must be a member of the motor trade  or an individual whose sole business is the disposal of fleet and Ex lease cars. You must also be over the age of 18 and you agree that TraderNet may ask for additional information including references to evidence a potential Member’s trade.


Entering an item for Sale

  1. All Members are able to offer Vehicles for sale via . It is the Member’s sole responsibility to provide an accurate and true description of the Vehicle.
  2. Members are required to complete all fields required in order to enter a Vehicle for sale. Failure either deliberately or unintentionally to include all faults defects or modification to a Vehicle may lead to the listing being removed and the Member’s membership  suspended or terminated.
  3. If a Vehicle is currently being auctioned and information crucial to the outcome of the auction has been omitted, the Seller must contact TraderNet immediately.
  4. TraderNet Ltd is not in any way responsible for the accuracy or verification of the description or any information relating to the Vehicle. The Seller is solely responsible for the accuracy and fullness of the description of the Vehicle and all information relating to the Vehicle and the Seller warrants to TraderNet that these are true and accurate.


Removing an Item entered

  1.  Vehicles entered into the auction on the Website cannot be removed without the prior express permission of TraderNet. If a Seller wishes to remove a Vehicle from auction on the Website, it should contact TraderNet limited immediately with instructions in the manner prescribed on the Website
  2. TraderNet reserves the right to monitor the number of Vehicles requested to be removed by the Seller. If TraderNet regards this number to be excessive, TraderNet has the right to suspend or cancel the Member’s account.


Setting a reserve

  1. It is the responsibility of the Seller to set the reserve price in relation to a Vehicle. If a purchaser agrees to pay the reserve price in the manner prescribed on the Website, upon receipt of the confirmatory email from TraderNet, the Seller is obliged to sell the Vehicle at the highest price bid within the prescribed time limit.
  2. It is the Seller’s responsibility to set a realistic reserve.  TraderNet reserves the right to monitor reserve prices against industry standard guides. If a reserve is regarded by TraderNet to be unreasonably excessive, TraderNet can request a reduction or remove the listing of the Vehicle from the Website.


Auction Period

  1. It is the Seller’s responsibility to set a reasonable auction period in the prescribed manner on the Website. TraderNet recommends that this should be between 2-4 days. TraderNet may from time to time extend a finish time to avoid public holidays weekends or unreasonable finish times. TraderNet will always inform the Seller of the new finish time.


Bidding agreement


  1. Any bids placed on the Website in relation to a Vehicle cannot be changed or withdrawn.
  2. A binding contract between the Seller and the highest bidder (above the reserve price) will be created after the expiry of the auction period at the point that TraderNet sends an  email to the Seller and the successful bidder confirming the successful bid. 
  3. Following receipt of such email, a binding contract is entered into between the purchaser and the Seller to purchase the Vehicle on terms that :


(a)  the Seller has the right to sell the Vehicle;
(b)  the purchaser is required to purchase the Vehicle for the agreed amount and comply with to comply with the provisions below under the heading “Buyer’s Responsibilities” ;
(c)   the Seller is required to supply the Vehicle in the condition described to the purchaser and to comply with the provisions below under the heading “Seller’s Responsibilities”;
(d) those provisions under the heading “Payment and Risk” are complied with;
(d) any other terms that are agreed between the purchaser and the Seller relating to for example, delivery time and payment method.  The Seller and the purchaser are free to agree terms other than those set out in (a), (b), (c) and (d). 


  1. For the avoidance of doubt, TraderNet is not a party to the contract referred to in the preceding paragraph and shall have no responsibility to any Member in relation to the performance of such contract.  We make no representations to any purchaser or Seller as to the efficacy,  suitability or enforeceability of the above terms of contract.
  2. The Seller and the successful bidder are each obliged to perform and complete the contract. The Seller must provide the Vehicle in the agreed condition and the purchaser must pay for the Vehicle within the timescales set out in the “Payment and Risk” section of these terms and conditions or otherwise agreed between the Seller and the purchaser
  3. TraderNet will retain a record of all bids for a minimum period of 12 months or such other period as Tradernet determines is reasonable.
  4. If two bids are identical, the first bid will be deemed to be the successful bid and the first bidder the successful bidder.
  5. In the event of any dispute arising in relation to the bidding process, that is relating to whether a bid has been successful or which bid has been successful or the price of the successful bid, such dispute will be settled by TraderNet, acting in its discretion. The parties will notify TraderNet within 7 days of the dispute arising following which TraderNet will make a decision as soon as practicable in the circumstances, and such decision will become binding and final on the parties. Tradernet has no responsibility for and will not get involved in any dispute arising after a contract has been formed, including without limitation, relating to the performance of a contract, the misdescription of a Vehicle, the  terms of any contract or the failure to deliver or pay for a Vehicle.


Seller Responsibilities

  1. The Seller is responsible for providing all relevant information relating to the Vehicle to the prospective purchasers.
  2. The Seller shall ensure that the Seller has the legal right of ownership and to sell the Vehicle and receive the sale proceeds and that the Vehicle is free from any charge, third party lien or other third party right or other encumbrances, unless agreed otherwise where this detail has already been stipulated either in the description of the Vehicle or at time of initial contact with purchaser.
  3. As set out in paragraph 17, the Seller and the purchaser may agree any variation or alternative terms to those set out in this section, including relating to financial and other third party entitlements providing the relevant third parties have given permission.
  4. The Seller shall provide all relevant information to the purchaser including invoice, payment methods and to provide the purchaser with a mutually convenient time to collect and pay for the Vehicle.
  5. TraderNet has no interest in these terms or arrangements as between the Seller and the purchaser and recommends that any such agreements are treated with significant caution and all parties confirm in writing the exact details of the arrangement.


Purchaser Responsibilities


  1. The purchaser shall contact the Seller within 24 hours of receiving confirmation of the Seller’s successful bid. The purchaser shall to pay for the vehicle within 3 working days of confirmation of the successful bid.
  2. The purchaser is entitled, following payment for the Vehicle to the satisfaction of the purchaser, to collect the Vehicle from the Seller’s register address, that is, as it appears on the Website membership, unless specifically identified by the Seller on the Vehicle description page.  The Seller must make the Vehicle available for delivery.
  3. It is solely the purchaser’s responsibility to arrange transport or delivery of the Vehicle, unless otherwise agreed.
  4. As set out in paragraph 17, the Seller and the purchaser may agree any variation or alternative terms to those set out in this section.


Cancellation or Suspension

  1. TraderNet has the right to cancel or suspend a Member’s membership or account at any time and with immediate effect without written notice. TraderNet will, where it considers it practical in the circumstances, give notice of cancellation. Any purchaser or Seller whose membership is cancelled shall continue to be bound by any bids made in relation to a Vehicle and any binding contract entered into between a Seller and purchaser.
  2. TraderNet reserves the right to suspend or remove from its membership list any Member who fails to accurately describe or pay for a Vehicle.


TraderNet’s Rights


  1. All rights to the Website and the Service ( and the system and processes relating to and supporting  the Website) including all intellectual property rights, methods, descriptions, functionality, business processes and business practices shall remain the absolute property of TraderNet. 


TraderNet Liability


  1. It is acknowledged and agreed that TraderNet is not a party to any contract for the sale of any Vehicle appearing on the Website and has no influence over the behaviour of the purchaser and Seller.  Accordingly, TraderNet not be responsible for and shall have no liability whatsoever to any Seller, purchaser or any other person for any failures or issues relating to a contract concluded on or via the Website, including without limitation, the misdescription or state of a Vehicle, the identity of the terms of any contract, the rights of the Seller to sell a Vehicle unencumbered, the failure to deliver or delay in delivering a Vehicle or failure to pay for a Vehicle.
  2. Without limiting the effect of the above paragraph 35 , TraderNet shall not be liable to any Member or any other person for any:
    1. indirect, consequential or special losses,
    2. damage to business reputation, loss of profit , loss of contracts, income or business opportunity, loss of data, wasted costs or loss of bargain.


  1. TraderNet shall be relieved from any obligation under these terms and conditions to the extent that it is unable to perform or delayed in performing such obligation as a result of any event or circumstance beyond its reasonable control, including without limitation, fire, flood, explosion, power failure, act of god, change in law or regulation, failure of suppliers or supplies, lightening, storm, terrorism, sabotage or industrial dispute or  strike. 
  2. TraderNet will use its reasonable endeavours to ensure that the Website is available at all times but shall not be liable to any Member or any other person for any loss or claim arising out of any interruptions to the Website or Service including without limitation due to internet downtime, data errors, communication errors or breakdowns associated with servers, software or hardware. Further, the Service may not be available during times of scheduled or emergency maintenance.  TraderNet will use its reasonable endeavours to keep any downtime to a minimum.
  3. TraderNet’s aggregate liability to any Member arising out of the Service or use of the Website shall not exceed a sum equal to the fees paid or payable by the Member to TraderNet . Nothing in the Agreement shall exclude liability for death or personal injury.


Data Protection and Privacy

  1. TraderNet will keep all personal data confidential and in accordance with applicable data protection legislation. Data may be passed to third parties to the extent that it is necessary to perform the Service or complete the process of registering Members or providing the Service. However, this personal data will not be passed to other third parties for marketing purposes without the permission of the Member first being obtained. TraderNet may pass personal data to relevant authorities to the extent required by law, for example, law enforcement authorities or courts if requested. TraderNet also retains the right to use information provided by Members for administration.
  2. TraderNet may use Member’s personal data to market its own services to such Member. If a Member does not wish its personal data to be used for this purpose, it should tick here .
  3. TraderNet may use cookies on the Website. Cookies are bits of electronic information that a web site can transfer to your hard drive to help tailor and keep records of your visit to the Website. Cookies allow us to better customise visits to the Site to your individual preferences, helping us provide you with the best possible service. Most major web sites use cookies and their use is standard on the Internet. Most Internet browsers automatically accept cookies but you can change your settings so that you are notified whenever you are sent a cookie.


Payment and Risk


  1. Payment must be made in cleared funds by the end of the 3rd working day after the auction has ended.
  2. Before payment is made the purchaser is recommended to consult  the HPI register to ascertain that no hire purchase or other rights are registered against the Vehicle. If the purchaser has agreed to pay the outstanding finance directly, it is recommended that the purchaser checks to ensure no further rights are registered.
  3. Upon receipt of cleared funds the Seller shall hand over the Vehicle, a valid V5 document or valid V5 owner change slip as well as all other documentation detailed in the Vehicle description.
  4. The risk for the Vehicle transfers from the Seller to purchaser when the Seller takes delivery of the Vehicle at the Seller’s premises or if applicable when the Vehicle is handed over to the purchaser or a pre agreed representative of the purchaser at some other location.
  5. As set out in paragraph 17, the Seller and the purchaser may agree any variation or alternative terms to those set out in this section.



  1.  You agree to provide full and accurate information in connection with your application to be a Member and your use of the Service and the Website.  You are fully responsible for providing up to date account information. TraderNet is not responsible for any errors or inaccuracies in the information and data that you provide.
  2. TraderNet will take reasonable steps to ensure that only Members who meet the conditions required by these terms and conditions are accepted as members but makes no representations or guarantees about the accuracy of information relating to any other Member appearing on the website.
  3. All Members must choose a user name and password. Each Member must keep this information secure and never pass on to any other parties. It is the Member’s sole responsibility to inform TraderNet immediately if the Member suspects any misuse upon which the account will then be blocked and a new password issued. TraderNet shall not be liable in the event that a Member’s user name and/or password are misused. If TraderNet suspects a member has passed account information to any third party, TraderNet has the right to suspend that account and introduce measures to recover any monies owed due to the misuse.
  4.  Member shall only use the Website and Service for the purposes of the advertising, sale and purchase of motor vehicles and for no other purpose.  In particular, you shall not use the Website or Service to manipulate any auction (by falsely inflating the bidding price or otherwise) or to approach Sellers for the purposes of soliciting business for alternative channels of advertising.
  5. Members agree to comply with all applicable laws and regulations.
  6. TraderNet reserves the right to assign this Agreement, and to assign or subcontract any or all of its rights and obligations under this Agreement. 
  7. These terms and conditions contain the whole of the agreement between us and you concerning the Service and the Website to the exclusion of earlier agreements and understandings with you, except for any fraud or fraudulent representation by either of us.
  8. TraderNet reserves the right to change these terms and conditions from time to time, and post the new version on the Website.  When we do so, we will notify you of the fact that there are changed terms on the main screen of the Website and the new version of these terms and conditions will take effect immediately and will govern all Services. 
  9. In the event that any term of this Agreement is held to be invalid or unenforceable by judicial decree or decision, the remainder of this Agreement shall remain valid and enforceable.
  10. This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales and the parties agree to the jurisdiction of the Courts and England and Wales.
  11. In the event of any conflict between these terms and conditions and the Code of Conduct, these terms and conditions will prevail.




  1. Members will have to opportunity to “rate” the quality of the service received from the Seller during the sale process and the quality of the Vehicle.
  2. Members receiving negative feedback have the opportunity to raise a grievance in writing to TraderNet .
  3.  TraderNet will then conduct a enquiry into the circumstances of the negative feedback.
  4.  TraderNet retains the right, if the enquiry process finds in favour of the negative feedback being incorrectly entered to remove this from a Member’s account.
  5.  TraderNet’s decision is final and cannot be appealed or challenged, unless TraderNet decides otherwise in its discretion. 




  1.  All Members are expected to behave in a reasonable and responsible way at all times the following actions will not be tolerated and may result in legal action being taken against individual Members:
    1. Interference with the Website
    2. Use of the Website to rig or artificially influence any auction of a Vehicle
    3. Use of any obscenity or profanity on the Website
    4. use of the Website or TraderNet once an account has been suspended
    5. the making of offers to buy or sell a specific item appearing in the listing page of the Website other than through the Website
    6. Posting of wanted ads
    7.  Misrepresentation of  any identity or any material circumstances or conditions relating to a Member or Vehicle
    8. Use of another individual’s user and password details
    9. Failing to provide valid and complete contact information and to keep TraderNet informed as to any changes
    10. Use by any person under the age of 18
    11. Use by a person who is not  a registered member of the motor trade
    12. Spamming or abuse of its platform


Reporting Abuse


  1.  If a Member suspects another Member of abusing the Website or the principles behind it or these terms and conditions, the Member should report the abuse to TraderNet who will then conduct an enquiry into the said behaviour and may chose to suspend or cancel the account of the offending Member.

Payments of Service

    Trader-Net is a pay per vehicle service, a fee of £25 + VAT applies to each vehicle purchased under £2,000 and an admin fee of £45 + VAT applies to any vehicle purchased through Trader-Net over £2,000.

    You must contact Trader-Net on 0844 877 1111 to discuss payment and collection of your vehicle.


  1. Refunds can be made at the discretion of the management only.